XDP X-TRA Cool Replacement Radiator
XDP X-TRA Cool Replacement Radiator

XDP X-TRA Cool Replacement Radiator

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Part Number: xdpXD292
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Warranty 1 Year
LML Duramax 2011-2016
Don't just replace the failed radiator in your 2011-2016 GM 6.6L Duramax with a stock replacement, upgrade it with the XDP X-TRA Cool Direct-Fit Replacement Radiator XD292. Designed for a simple bolt-on installation, XDP's X-TRA Fit Radiators look like a factory replacement, but are upgraded to be stronger and better than the factory unit. Manufactured with several techniques borrowed from the HD and Semi truck industry, the X-TRA Cool Radiators are built to give you a long-lasting direct-fit option to protect your engine and cooling system.

High Efficiency Core
The X-TRA Cool Radiator is built with a high-efficiency core that has more fins per inch, and heavy-duty tubes to maximize cooling potential.

Internal Reinforcements
Manufactured using special aluminum brazing techniques, the X-TRA Cool Radiator features internally reinforced end tubes that have additional strength at the outside corners where the core is most vulnerable.

Gasket Design
Using a proprietary rubber gasket to allow for expansion, contraction, and flex is one more reason the X-TRA Cool Radiators are built to last. The gasket is a common failure point in many OE radiator designs.

Revised End Tanks
For added strength and durability the X-TRA Cool Radiators feature revised end tanks. With reinforcement ribs added to weak points, the plastic mix includes a fiber reinforcement that is added during construction to increase longevity and help eliminate another failure point.

Upgraded Mounting Points
To make sure the X-TRA Cool Radiator is securely mounted in the same location as your stock radiator, the integrated mounting points have been strengthened to add durability.

Tank Attachment
To join the tanks to the core on the X-TRA Cool Radiators, XDP uses a heavy gauge steel crimp strip. Unlike the aluminum that the factory design uses, the steel crimp strip eliminates tank and core separation that many experience with the factory radiator.

Direct-Fit Replacement
Upgraded Design For Increased Durability
High-Efficiency Core To Maximize Cooling

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