DieselSite Wicked Wheel 2 - 7.3 Powerstroke 1994-2003

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Dieselsite Wicked Wheel 2 WW38 Upgrade

What's better than the original wicked wheel at stopping turbo surge? The second generation wicked wheel has been updated to feature better blade geometry with optimal blade pitch and a new billet light weight design. The lighter weight offers a better response and fast spool up times. This new wheel also has improve blade geometry which flow more air through the compressor map. Installation is straight forward just replace the factory wheel with this upgrade. Please note the reverse thread (Left tightens). This wheel vs stock is more flow, more top end boost, and faster spool up from the light weight design. 

Stops Compressor Surge:
Compressor surge is a turbo killer. You'll notice surge with most modified 7.3 trucks and mostly when towing. Surge is the condition when air is drawn into the wheel and stalls the when forcing air back into the inlet. Similar to cavitation with the propeller of a boat in water when it's try to suck water and free spins. 

Simply installing the wicked wheel 2 gives you:
  • More boost
  • Faster turbo spool up
  • Great turbo sound
  • Eliminate compressor surge
  • Fits the stock GTP38 and TP38 turbos without any modifications
  • Lower smoke and EGT's

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