How & Why - 7.3L Powerstroke Valve Train Upgrades

Why do 7.3 Powerstroke valve springs fail?

To maintain the correct valve operation all of the valve springs must exert a certain amount of spring pressure. If spring pressures are low or weak they may cause the valves to not completely seal or float at higher RPM. If the pressure is too high it can cause premature wear on other valve train parts. Adding power upgrades can also cause the springs to exceed strength limits.

A broken valve spring can cause running issues, valve noise, low compression and internal engine damage. A failed valve spring is not always the most serious issue but actions following the failed spring cause the most serious damage. If a valve spring breaks it may collapse enough to allow the valve to drop into the cylinder and cause the piston to come in contact. This can give you piston, cylinder head and other part damages. 

Why do 7.3 Powerstroke Push Rods fail or bend?

Typical failures are due to a weak cylinder or the engine is not running correctly, failed/sticking lifter, incorrect engine timing and over tightened rocker arms. Also adding horsepower upgrades could exceed the strength limits of your pushrods. 

Should I upgrade my valve train if I install larger than stock injectors? 

Yes and no. Depending on the size injector you may be just fine with your stock pushrods and valve springs. Typically any size injector up to our stage 2 will be ok running the stock valve train components. Any size larger we recommend performing the valve train upgrades including head studs. Head studs can be installed one by one without removing the cylinder heads. 

So what are the best products to upgrade your valve train?

Comp Cams 910 valve springs recommended from a 205cc injector to a 250cc injector.

Comp Cams Stage 2 valve springs recommended from a 275cc or larger injector. 

Smith Brothers Stage 1 pushrods recommended for any size up to a 275cc injector.

Smith Brothers Stage 2 pushrods recommended for any size larger than a 275cc injector.

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