S369 SXE Turbo & T4 Mount Kit
S369 SXE Turbo & T4 Mount Kit

S369 SXE Turbo & T4 Mount Kit

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7.3 Powerstroke 1994-2003

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Irate Diesel T4 turbo mount kit and Borg Warner S369 SXE turbo for up to 600hp. The SXE 369 Turbo features a 69mm inducer for quick spool up. The SXE borg warner turbo is also upgraded with 360 thrust bearings and a billet compressor wheel for fast spool up and longevity. The 369 turbo is really popular because it has the spool up characteristics of a S300 but flows as much air as a S400! This turbo supports up to 275cc-350cc injectors. This turbo comes as a super core. This means there isn't an exhaust housing for those who have one that can be installed. Otherwise please choose the housing of your choice.

  • .91 Housing - Faster spool up - Recommend for manual transmissions or smaller injectors
  • 1.0 Housing - Best for automatic transmissions - Bigger injectors - Slower spool time on the street
  • Borg Warner S369 SXE Turbo
  • T300 T4 Complete Mount Kit
  • Downpipe and clamp T-4 Mount Stainless
  • Bellowed up pipes and collector
  • Both stainless intercooler pipes Intake piping to connect to 4" filter
  • Oil feed and drain lines
  • Intake "Y" pipe with 2 weld in bungs for boost/Map sensor All installation hardware included for mounts
  • Intake Plenums are optional from the drop down menu
94-97 OBS Truck- Must have extra modifications for this to be true bolt on. You will need an intercooler kit or modified intercooler bypass kit installed. The obs truck also must have a electric fuel system. This kit is not compatible with the stock fuel pump that is located in the valley. Also required to have the IDP Boot kit. Early '99 trucks will need 3" plenums boots.

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