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AD Injectors Stock Flow Set - 7.3 Powerstroke 1999.5-2003

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The stock replacement injectors from Full Force are completely disassembled with all tolerances check. If any part of the injector falls out of spec then that part is replaced with new parts. Every injectors gets new spring assemblies, plunger and barrel assembly, new stock nozzles, and various other new parts as needed. These are complete remanufactured with new tungston coated plungers and barrels. Brand NEW nozzles.

These injectors are completely remanufactured with new internal parts. New o'rings and fully flow tested to match in flow within 1%. Comes with our outstanding 18 month warranty. Complete set of 8.

We do not charge any other fees to repair your core injectors. Please note some of the other companies charge for bad parts on top of the sale price and do not use new plungers and barrels in their injectors. Coked cores are the result of vegetable oil and will not be accepted. Shipping charges include a return label for your cores if you have not selected to send in cores first. If you have selected to send in cores first before your product ships it is the customers responsibility to ship cores to our facility.

Warranty: Full Force Diesel Injectors include a 18 Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty!

Build date after 12/98 for AD injectors.

Optional send cores first shipping label. This is available to make the process easier. FFD emails you (at the end of the business day)a prepaid label to send your cores in to us. Drop off at any UPS Store or with your local UPS Driver.

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