BD Electronic Exhaust Brake - Stock EBPV AT
Does not include a new Valve.

BD Electronic Exhaust Brake - Stock EBPV AT

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7.3 Powerstroke 1995-2003

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BD 1030750 Stock EBPV Exhaust Brake

Want to wire your EBPV for an exhaust brake? To turn the EPBV into the brake BD has made the wiring kit easy for you with this exhaust brake kit. BD Diesel electronic exhaust brake controller utilized the stock Exhaust back pressure valve. Electronic in this case, refers to simply connecting to the engine heat riser valves control wire and signaling to close the valve. A delay of 2-3 seconds occurs before the valve closes and exhaust back pressure builds to retard the engine revolutions vehicle speed. Automatic transmission equipped trucks have this function combined with the BD AutoLoc or TorqLoc computer. These trucks only require a basic wiring harness.

A stock automatic equipped Ford truck, prior to 1999, will disengage the converter clutch when the accelerator pedal returns to idle, the brake pedal is touched or when the truck accelerates. Since 1999, the converter clutch will remain engaged until the brake pedal is touched. When the converter clutch is not engaged the engine free wheels and the engine rpm falls to idle with no transfer of retarding horsepower being achieved. BDs BrakeLoc computer is designed to close the heat riser valve on the Ford Powerstroke and will maintain converter lock up until a pre-selected vehicle speed. The BrakeLoc improves retarding horsepower from 5 RHP, when the clutch is not engaged, to 200RHP when engaged.

*Doesn't include new Exhaust Backpressure Valve.

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