7.3 Injector Comparison - Stage 2 180/80 VS Stage 3 205/30
The 7.3 Powerstroke Stage 3 205/30's will deliver the same if not better power than a Stage 2 180/80-100 all while doing it more efficiently. The 205 are a hybrid and use considerably less high pressure oil than an A code injector.  

This means your truck will maintain higher ICP with a smaller high pressure oil pump.  Also by utilizing a smaller nozzle with the larger flow rate you gain more fuel volume at the nozzle resulting in better atomization.  Atomization is ideal in the quest to more power with cooler egt's and less smoke. 

The Stage 2 180cc injectors are still a lower flow rate and with the larger nozzle.  This combination typically runs rather hot and smokey.  This additional smoke is usually frown upon for the lower power they make.  Besides these drawn backs the Stage 2 injector will untimely require an upgraded HPOP to maintain desired ICP over time.

The winner seems to be the 205CC Stage 3 Injectors in most cases.

205CC Hybrids Feature:
  • More Power
  • Higher Fuel Atomization
  • Potentially better fuel economy 
  • Less Smoke
  • Capable of running on the factory HPOP
  • Less strain on the HPOP system
  • Lower EGT's


James Biesenbach

Date 3/19/2020

Will the Stage 3 =205/30 be a comparable mate for the Garrett GTP38R? I'm looking for more hp in my 2002 F350. I want it for heavy tow and daily drive. Low smoke and lower egt. The only upgrade I've done to the engine .020 mahle pistons, forged rods from 94 f350' Stage 2 colt cam and 910 comp springs titanium pushrods. Plan on larger intercooler and hpop. I wont need it with these injectors it says. Was looking at adrenaline pump. Not sure how much hp I stand to gain over stock with all the upgrades. I just want it better than it has to be. I've completely bulletproof it with head studs, main studs and rod studs. I think a girdle would be over the top. Havent decided whether or not to go with the garrett or change to t4 and get 369sxe. Looking for good AFR. I am thinking I should run a little lean and get less smoke, lower egt. The main reason for doing all of this is to keep up with the newer trucks. If I'm going to hang a pair from my bumper, they cant be for show.

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