Hydraulic Cylinder Assist Steering
Hydraulic Cylinder Assist Steering

Hydraulic Cylinder Assist Steering

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6.7 Powerstroke 2011-2015 4x4

PSC SK755 Hydraulic Assist Steering Kit

The perfect upgrade for improving the steering ease and efficiency for everyday driving on and off road. PSC Cylinder Assist systems increase the required hydraulic force needed to steer additional axle loads created by the installation of larger tires, modified axles and locking differentials on the steering axle. By modifying the steering gear and adding a steering cylinder the turning of the front tires is done with less effort of the power steering pump and driver.

  • Bolt-On Installation
  • Increased Hydraulic Force
  • Dampens Load To Steering Box
  • Less Steering Effort At Low RPM's
Note: A PSC cylinder system will not correct any ill handling issues a vehicle might have on the street. It only provides additional steering force when needed. Please do not expect the steering to be exactly the same as before the modifications. You should expect less driver steering effort at slower speeds and at higher speeds driver will notice the steering will not respond as fast in panic situations. PSC also recommends that the positive caster be increased over stock settings on steering assist type systems to help the vehicle track better at highway speeds.

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