PPE Large Capacity Aluminum Oil Pan - Durmax 2001-2010
PPE Large Capacity Aluminum Oil Pan - Durmax 2001-2010

PPE Large Capacity Aluminum Oil Pan - Durmax 2001-2010

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PPE 114052000|114052020 High Capacity Aluminum Engine Oil Pan Upgrade

The stock Duramax engine oil pan leaves a lot to be desired. In addition to being steel (poor at heat dissipation), there is a valley in the pan which prevents your old oil from being drained completely during an oil change. This leaves behind more than half a quart of the dirtiest oil.

PPE has solutions to these problems. These new pans are made in the USA from high-quality cast aluminum for strength and optimum heat dissipation. PPEs pan is engineered with a flat bottom, allowing you to drain all of your engine oil, so no dirty oil is left in the pan. PPEs new pan holds an extra quart of oil so you will see reduced oil temperature, higher oil pressure, and better lubrication to your engines vital components.

Another feature of the our Duramax engine oil pan is the unshrouded oil pickup. The engine then has less restriction near the oil pickup, resulting in higher oil pressure. Higher oil pressure equals better lubrication.

The oil pan kit includes a hardened billet stainless steel PPE drain plug which contains a powerful Neodymium magnet that attracts and holds ferrous metals, keeping them from damaging your engines vital internal components.

  • One quart additional oil capacity
  • Cast from high-grade aluminum alloy for optimal heat dissipation
  • High-power Neodymium magnet equipped, hardened billet stainless steel billet drain plug
  • Flat bottom allows for complete oil drainage
  • Cast aluminum construction reduces engine noise.
  • Fixes complete oil drainage problem associated with GM pan

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