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7.3 Powerstroke Performance Injectors 1999-2003

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Stage 1 180cc Stage 1 180cc Stock Nozzle Set

350hp The number 1 selling injectors we have.  Tow anything with these injectors they just don't care.

Our Price: $1,195.00

Stage 1.5 Injectors 180cc Stage 1.5 180cc 30% Set

380hp Quickly becoming our best seller.  Great towing and street injector.  Small nozzle upgrade for that little bit extra.

Our Price: $1,395.00

Stage 2 Injectors Stage 2 180cc 80/100% Set

400hp The best combination of a moderate towing injectors and not too shabby on the street.

Our Price: $1,695.00

Stage 3 Hybrid Injectors Stage 3 Hybrid 238cc 80/100% Set

500hp Our standard hybrid injectors.  Makes great power but could use a some more boost.

Our Price: $1,895.00

250cc Stage 3 Injectors Stage 3 Hybrid 250cc 100/200% Set

525hp Great power injector.  With a 200% nozzle these can make a screaming street truck.

Our Price: $1,895.00
Stage 3 205cc Stage 3 Hybrid 205cc 30/80/100% Set

425hp The smallest hybrid injector with a big punch.  Keeps the HPOP happy not using too much pressure.

Our Price: $1,895.00

Stage 1.5 Injectors 160cc Stage 1.5 160cc 30% Set

360hp Great towing injector with 30% nozzles.  Low fuel output for good smoke and EGT control.

Our Price: $1,395.00

Stage 2 Injectors Stage 2 160cc 80/100% Set

380hp Low smoke injectors with a 100% nozzle.  Great for a peppy street ride.  Not too bad.

Our Price: $1,695.00

Stage 1 Performance Injectors Stage 1 160cc Stock Nozzles Set

330hp Our smallest injector with a stock nozzle.  This injector is for the best fuel mileage and slight bump in power.

Our Price: $1,195.00

Stage 3 Hybrid Competition Injectors Stage 3 Hybrid 275cc 200% Set

550hp Now your getting in the competition level injectors.  These make a nasty street ride.

Our Price: $2,145.00

Stage 3 Hybrid Competition Injectors Stage 3 Hybrid 350cc 400% Set

650hp Big power and big smoke.  Gonna need some more upgrades to run these bad boys.

Starting at $2,545.00
Stage 3 Hybrid Competition Injectors Stage 3 Hybrid 400cc 400% Set

650hp++ Super huge power.  These won't run on the street and save money on sunglass because you may not see the sun anyway.

Our Price: $2,845.00
FFD Injector Installation Kit FFD Ultimate Injector Install Kit

1999-2003 7.3 Powerstroke Full Force Ulitimate Injector Installation Kit FFDUIKT

Our Price: $589.00
Choosing the best Powerstroke performance injectors will improve power and fuel mileage. A Full Force Diesel custom built performance OEM replacement injector set can give you more power for towing and everyday driving. Our injectors are hand built by skilled technicians to give you many years of worry free performance. Internal modifications and nozzle modifications optimize the fuel delivery to give you the most power with the least amount of wasted fuel. We convert these injectors from a split shot to a single shot which offers more performance and better efficiency. Full Force Injectors will fix any symptoms associated with bad injectors like poor idle, missing, hard starting, and white smoke. With these performance optimizations, the correct injector size for your application can give you the best performance for in a wide variety of situations. We offer a large selection of sizes and power levels to meet your needs. Stage 1 and stage 1.5 injectors for towing and the best fuel mileage. Stage 2 and Hybrid injectors for the best performance. *Injectors do not qualify for free shipping.

Finding the Correct Injectors

Choose the injectors for the type of driving you want to do. If you tow, choose the smaller injectors with lower fuel output. The lower fuel output gives you more power but also lets you control your EGT levels when towing heavy. You can also tow with larger injectors if you add supporting modification that can help keep the egts lower. Towing with a stock turbo stay in th 180cc injectors size and choose a smaller nozzle. Towing with an upgrade turbo and modified air flow (exhaust & intake) you can choose a larger cc along with a larger nozzle.

Don't tow and only want to go fast? Go big CC or go home. Keep in mind you can still have EGT problems. These big injectors also must have supporting modifications. Fuel system upgrades and turbo upgrades are a must have. If you want to go super big you'll have to address internal engine modifications and don't forget the drivetrain.

Why are Full Force Diesel Injectors the best choice for you?

Our performance injectors are all premium built. Every injector that we sell have new nozzles, new plungers and barrels, new internal springs, and new o-rings! Every injector is disassembled in our injector facility cleaned then inspected for excessive wear. We then rebuild the injector back to factory OE specs with our exclusive performance modifications. Any worn internal part that falls out of factory spec is replaced. 18 Month/Unlimited Mileage warranty on all injectors.

After the build process, each injector must pass a final inspection before proceeding to our flow test station. Injectors are flow tested throughout the RPM range to ensure your injectors are matched within 1%. This will ensure you get the best idle quality and the longest service life. I guess that's what you would expect from a company that has built and sold injectors since 2004!