Mishimoto Oil Catch Can
Mishimoto Oil Catch Can

Mishimoto Oil Catch Can

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Mishimoto Catch Can Universal - Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax

This catch can is a great investment keeping you intercooler and intercooler pipe system free from vapors and oily residues. Easy to install and looks great. Quality craftsmanship gives you an easy way to keep you system clean and monitored. Mishimoto's oil catch can will keep oil build up out from the intercooler, intake manifold, and turbo charger. Looks great with it's black finish.

Catch can can also prevent oil from collecting inside the intercooler system. Pooling oil on intercooler boots can allow them to become slippery and eventually come apart. This catch can solves these problems be catching any access oil in the system.

Includes mounting bracket, hoses and hard ware with a magnetic plug. Ready to install.

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