Mishimoto Intercooler Boot Kit - 7.3 Powerstroke 1999-2003

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Mishimoto MMBD-F2D-99BK Intercooler Boot Upgrade Kit

This intercooler boot upgrade kit will fix factory intercooler boots that stretch, leak, and burst under high pressures from power adders like turbo and fuel upgrades. You can even have blown boots from degradation with age. A commonly unknown problem is a crack in your intercooler boots cause a large boost leak that goes undetected with loss of power and fuel mileage. If you notice a loss of boost pressure in your boost gauge you should inspect you intercooler boots. A blown intercooler boot on the street or in a competition will bring you to a complete stand still. These factory fit direct replacement intercooler boots from Mishimoto will give you the peace of mind that you can keep going.

Mishimoto is proud to release a direct-fit silicone boot kit with DuraCore technology designed specifically for the 7.3L Ford Powerstroke. Mishimoto DuraCor boot technology is the synthetic material that comprises the innermost layer of all Mishimoto silicone diesel boots. Compared to normal silicone, DuraCore provides superior resistance to heat, pressure, fuel, and oil. This effectively increases the life of our boots by preventing leaks and blowouts. To add further reliability this kit includes Mishimoto Constant-Tension T-bolt Clamps for accurate and consistent holding power. These boots are engineered to retain perfect factory fitment for use on your stock or modified 7.3L. As with all our products, this boot kit includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

The boots create all the connection points in your system. These components are the most failure-prone parts, and as we know, a system is only as good as its weakest link. Boots link the piping to the turbocharger, to the intercooler, and to the throttle- body/intake manifold. These units are in place to allow for engine movement, and they work to absorb this shock. If the system were solid and without flex, the turbocharger would move, which would result in bending or cracking of the piping or the intercooler itself. Additionally, the boots provide connection points to separate the components, allowing for individual servicing.

So, why should you be concerned with a leaking CAC system? A leak in the CAC system will result in a loss of pressure, which will affect power output and reduce fuel mileage. A small, undetected CAC leak could go unnoticed for some time, costing gallons of fuel. A pinhole leak or split boot is a ticking time bomb for your car or truck. That small leak is prone to spreading, resulting in the complete rupture of a boot. Any form of boot failure is going to cost you money one way or the other, money that could have been better spent on upgrades!

You should also consider the long-term effects of running your vehicle with a leaking system. First, would be turbocharger wear or failure. The engine still expects a particular amount of boost, regardless of any leaks within the system. If the leak is cutting boost, the turbocharger will be forced to work harder to produce the necessary amount. This will increase wear on internal bearings, and will also introduce greater heat into both the CAC and coolant systems. This is not something you want. A simple upgraded boot kit replacement could prevent thousands of dollars being spent on parts and labor to repair the damage.

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