Jelibuilt Custom Tuned PHP Hydra - 7.3 Powerstroke 1994-2003
Jelibuilt Custom Tuned PHP Hydra - 7.3 Powerstroke 1994-2003

Jelibuilt Custom Tuned PHP Hydra - 7.3 Powerstroke 1994-2003

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With this product you get a new Hydra Chip along with a 6 Pack of Jelibuilt Custom Tuning. The tune pack is only available with the pre-selected tunes (tunes can not be changed). You can add more tunes individually. You have the option to buy the remote tuning cable. This tuning cable allows you to change or add programming without ever pulling the chip from the pcm. It's not required to tune the chip.

This Hydra will come with 6 Custom Jelibuilt Performance tunes.  Please choose the 6 tunes you would like included in the options.

Complete custom tuning for the Power Hungry Performance Hydra chip. These tunes are custom written for performance injectors with JelitBuilt custom calibrations. These tunes are written for fuel to match the engine boost levels via the MAP sensor. A Boost fooler is recommended. Custom written for transmission modifications, turbo modifications, HPOP modifications, gear and tire size. These tunes will be written for your truck and modifications specifically.

Brian Jelich has been tuning the 7.3 Powerstroke since 2010 and perfecting the art of custom tuning to match each truck specifically. Tuning the most powerful and quickest trucks in the nation.

The Hydra tunes will be emailed to you if you have a Hydra and the free software. You can be running by the end of the day. Please allow up to 48 hours for your tunes to be emailed. You can also send us your chip and we'll install the tunes for you. You will be required to provide shipping.

Please provide in the custom tune request box:
  • Turbo size
  • Hpop modifications
  • Any other info you can provide is helpful
  • Tire size & gear ratio
Custom tunes descriptions
  • Modified Stock – Low power calibration with transmission tuning.
  • No Start – Anti theft no start program.
  • High Idle – This Calibration Holds the engine speed to 1200 RPM for warmup, AC, Inverter use, ect.
  • Quiet Idle – This Calibration Lowers your idle RPM, Injection pressure and Pulls timing at idle to produce the quietest idle possible.
  • Tow Performance – This tow tune with a little kick. Higher transmission shift points and line pressure for a crisp positive feel.
  • Strenuous Tow – Towing with the heaviest loads. Optimized fuel and ICP control. Transmission tuning is highly optimized.
  • Daily Driver - The best all around daily tune. Lower smoke but good power.
  • Eco Mileage – Everything optimized for the best fuel economy.
  • Hot Street – The lowest of the high performance programs that still puts a smile on your face.
  • Extreme Street – An aggressive calibration for even more street fun.
  • Drag Race – Highest Power file offered. Maximum everything for the strip.
  • Sled Pull - High Power file for sled pulling only. Custom low range shifting.
  • Dyno Tune - High Power file without the overdrive downshift problem.
  • Cobra Jet Lope - Big lope idle like your grandfather's 429CI Ford

Note: Jelibuilt Performance is not liable for any problems associated with custom performance tuning. All custom tunes are written to achieve maximum performance and by purchasing these tunes you accept all associated risks and outcomes. (more power is the main outcome!)

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