7.3 Hydra Chip VS 7.3 TS Chip
The Similarities. 
Both the TS Performance 6 Position Chip and the PHP Hydra Chip are multi-position chips that can shift on the fly.  Both come with tuning for stock injectors.  They can each hold multiple programs.  Both plug into the PCM at the access port.  They each have a cable and a selector to choose between the loaded programs.

The Switch:
Both products use a switch attached to the chip with a cable to select the programs.  The TS Chip has a rotatory knob that clicks from left to righ (low to high) six times.  Each click is a new position and a different program.  The Hydra relies on a digital switch with a LED read out to actually show you the position your are on.  The Hydra switch is about the size of a automotive key fob.  To select the programs on the Hydra you simply press one of the two buttons located on it.  Left button moves one position down.  Right button is one position up.

Mounting the switch is different for both.  The TS switch needs a hole drilled somewhere in the vehicle to hold the knob.  The Hydra however relies on double sided tape or velcro to hold it to the dash.  No permanent hole is need on the Hydra.

The Programming:
Both chips will need programmed to your specific vehicle.  

The TS chip needs to be programmed before hand and sent to the customer.  To change the programming on the TS you'll have to send it to an authorized dealer for that to be done.  This causes down time for the user due to shipping transit times.  Max tunes capacity is 6.

The Hydra however can be tuned and re-tuned at home with the free Hydra Flash Software download.  Each program for every truck is available for stock injectors to add and change as many times as need from your home PC.  Max tune capacity is 15.

Custom Tuning:
Both have the ability to hold custom tunes for your vehicle.  The same applies for each.  The TS Chip needs to be sent to an authorized tuner or dealer to apply to tuning.  The Hydra can have tunes emailed to the user for self install at home via the Hydra Software and a PC.  You can add individual tunes to the Hydra as needed.

Add on Accessories:
Both the TS and the Hydra have available add on Pod selectors switches (see tagged products)

The Hydra has other available add on accessories.  You can get the Hydra Chip Cable to remotely tune the chip without removing it from the vehicle.  You can purchase longer ribbon cables that connect the chip to the switch.  

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