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PHP Hydra Injector Cloud Tunes - 7.3 Powerstroke 1994-2003

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Get Power Hungry Hydra tuning from the cloud for modified injectors.  With this tune package you get all of the PHP Hydra tunes available for your truck that match the injectors. 

Once you purchase this product within 24-48 you open the Hydra Flash Software on your PC.  The tunes you've purchase will be available for download onto your Hydra Chip that matches your serial number entered.  Most tunes will be the mirror equivalent of the stock injector tunes.  Available Tunes up to 15 will be in your Hydra Flash Software specifically for you to download and change as many times as you wish.

*At this time Stage 2 tuning is unavailable.
*Required to have a PC.  Hydra Flash is unavailable for MAC.

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