GTP38R/Stage 1.5 Injectors 400hp-Towing/Street
GTP38R/Stage 1.5 Injectors 400hp-Towing/Street

GTP38R/Stage 1.5 Injectors 400hp-Towing/Street

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The stage 1.5 and GTP38R turbo package deal is good for up to 400hp. Ideal for towing and a good street performance package.The Stage 1.5 injectors are very popular for towing and everyday driving with a little more power than the stage 1 and still keep low smoke levels. The stage 1.5 achieves more power with the larger nozzle but they are still a great choice for towing and without stress on the stock drivetrain. The power made is very noticeable in all driving conditions from off idle to full throttle. The Full Force 7.3 Stage 1.5 injectors features new 30% larger nozzle and plunger barrel assemblies for long life and predictable performance.

Includesthe GTP38R Ball Bearing Turbo 1.0 Housing
Garrett came out with a ball bearing charger that changed the 7.3 Powerstroke performance industry. The GTP38R is a direct fit drop in turbo with lightning fast spool up and a larger more efficient 66mm compressor wheel. With this turbo kit, you will experience Garrett GT dual ball bearing technology working to give you unbelievable power pushing you back in the seat every time you push the throttle. The GTP38R Turbo has the Garrett exclusive ball bearing cartridge for unbeatable response, efficiency, and durability for your 7.3 Powrestroke. Elimination of the thrust bearing of a stock turbo eliminates failures at elevated boost levels with this design. Stock turbos are limited by 32-34psi while the Powermax can sustain a monstrous 40psi. The 88mm GT compressor wheel provides 33% more flow than the stock 80mm wheel. The ported shroud housing improves the compressor flow range for superior surge control. The 1.00 A/R turbine housing gives a reduction in back pressure and as much as 200 degree drop in EGT's. Maximum recommended boost level is 40psi on the Powermax.

*A chip is required to run the single shot injectors in this package .

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