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Hydra Custom Tunes - GearHead Automotive

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PHP Hydra Chip Custom Tunes 7.3 Powerstroke Gearhead Automotive

Complete custom tuning for the Power Hungry Performance Hydra chip. These tunes are custom written for stock or performance injectors with our custom low smoke clean calibrations. Custom written for transmission modifications, HPOP modifications, gear and tire size. These tunes will be written for your truck specifically.

Gone are the days of large black plumes of thick smoke to make more power. With the advancements in tuning we can now produce tons of power even with big injectors. Of course more modifications help with this programming. For example you need to have enough air to supply larger injectors with intakes, exhausts, and turbos. With those requirements met you can have your power and not disturb the environment or your fellow drivers. Clean diesel performance is the new trend and these custom tunes are just what you need. Little to no smoke for the towing and street settings. You may see a slight haze just before the turbo spools but please not this is normal with all diesel engines. *Please note a properly maintained truck is required to achieve the desired smoke levels. Air or boost leaks may need to be addressed. Boost foolers are to be removed with this programming.

The Hydra tunes will be emailed to you if you have a Hydra and the free software. You can be running by the end of the day. Please allow up to 48 hours for your tunes to be emailed. You can also send us your chip and we'll install the tunes for you. You will be required to provide shipping.

Please provide with your order
  • Injector size (stock or modified flow and nozzle size)
  • Turbo size
  • Hpop modifications
  • Transmission type (Modified or stock)
  • Any other info you can provide is helpful
  • Tire size & gear ratio
Custom tunes you'll receive
  • Heavy Tow
  • Tow/Economy
  • Daily street
  • Hot street (some smoke at wide open throttle)
  • Extreme (some smoke at wide open throttle)
  • Hi-idle
  • *Optional - Whisper idle (short times for the drive through only - no driving)
If you want the whisper tunes please indicate which other tune to leave off. Requires removal of boost fooler.
Provide us will all the truck and tune information in the order comments section with your order or with your sales rep for phone orders.
Hydra Serial Number- If you currently have a Hydra please provide us the serial number.
If you are purchasing a Hydra just leave this area blank.

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Emailed Usually in 24 to 48 Hours
Emailed Usually in 24 to 48 Hours
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