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6.0 Powerstroke FICM Replacement and Tuning

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AP0031 ficm pig tail Alliant FICM Connector Pigtail

2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke Alliant FICM Connection Plug Kit AP0031

Our Price: $78.19
6.0 Powerstroke FICM Tuning PHP FICM Tunes

2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke Power Hungry Performance FICM Tunes PHP-tune

Our Price: $150.00

ap65122 Alliant FICM Alliant 48V FICM

2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke Alliant Power 48V FICM AP65122

Our Price: $352.70

fic2004 Bostech 48V FICM Bostech 48V FICM

2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke Bostech 48V FICM FIC2004

Our Price: $389.95
dt600008r Dtech 58V FICM Dtech 48V FICM

2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke Dtech 48V FICM DT600008R

Our Price: $470.17
sw58vficm Swamps 58V Ficm Swamps Diesel 58V FICM

2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke Swamps Diesel  58V FICM SW58VFICM

Our Price: $550.00
dt600009r Dtech 58V FICM Dtech 58V FICM

2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke Dtech 58V FICM DT600009R

Our Price: $581.89
1059700-a BD 58V Ficm BD Diesel 58V FICM

2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke BD Diesel 58V FICM 1059700-a

Our Price: $595.00
The Fuel Injection Control Module replacements and Upgrades. The FICM - or Fuel Injection Control Module - is responsible for deciding how much fuel to deliver to individual engine cylinders. It does so by providing voltage to open and close the individual 6.0 fuel injectors that deliver already pressurized fuel to the engine. Over time, the module begins having difficulty doing its job. Output voltages drop and the injectors no longer open and close as they should. The result? A truck that is difficult or impossible to start, especially when the engine is cold. Depending on how bad the module has become, you may also notice a significant drop in fuel economy.