Edge Pulsar & Insight Combo
Edge Pulsar & Insight Combo

Edge Pulsar & Insight Combo

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L5P Duramax 2017+
Tune your 2017-2019 GM 6.6L Duramax L5P with Edge Products 22600 Pulsar Tuner & Insight Kit. Stop wasting your time with ECU swaps, fuel pressure boxes, and other overwhelming “tuning” products. The improved Pulsar Tuner and Insight Kit is one of the most innovative tuners to hit the market because of its ease of installation, performance gains, the crisp Insight screen display, and custom in-cab controls giving you the ability to adjust power levels from your steering wheel controls, or the Insight CTS2.

The 22600 Pulsar Tuner & Insight Kit requires no extra tuning, no special unlock system, and is easy to install. The L5P Pulsar Kit gives you instant on-the-fly power without having to reflash your factory ECM. The Pulsar is easily monitored from the Insight color touch screen displaying power level, RPM, Boost PSI, MPH, Gear, Engine Coolant Temp (ECT), Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT), and much more.

The 22600 Pulsar Tuner & Insight Kit offers different tuning options compared to the Pulsar on its own (Part# 22400). Some of the added features are EGT backdown (on/off ranges 1000-2000(level specific)), cold engine protection backdown, gear change backdown, turbo timer settings, axle gear ratio, TPMS, transmission relearn feature, and the ability to read injector balance rates. These extra features allow you to monitor your truck with ease while running the best tune for all your truck needs.

+90 HP &  +156 TQ
Pulsar Tuner & Insight Kit
Adjustable High-Idle Setting
5 On-The-Fly Adjustable Power Levels
Controlled With "+" & "-" Cruise Control Buttons Or Insight
Recailbrates Speedometer For Wheel & Tire Changes
Transmission Slip Backdown - Decreases Power When Detected
Enhanced Throttle Response With Built-In Throttle Sensitivity Control

Power Levels:
Level 0: +0 HP & +0 TQ
Level 1: +19 HP & +46 TQ
Level 2: +37 HP & +71 TQ
Level 3: +52 HP & +105 TQ
Level 4: +67 HP & +125 TQ
Level 5: +90 HP & +156 TQ

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