Edge Pulsar V3 Tuning Module
Edge Pulsar V3 Tuning Module

Edge Pulsar V3 Tuning Module

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Warranty 1 Year
L5P Duramax 2017-2019
The Edge Products 22402 Pulsar V3 Tuning Module will greatly increase the horsepower and torque in your 2017-2019 GM 6.6L Duramax L5P. Don't waste your money on expensive fuel pressure boxes, inconvenient ECU swaps, and other underperforming products. The Edge Pulsar Modules are industry leaders when it comes to power gains, ease of installation, and in-cab control. The in-cab control gives you the ability to adjust power levels on-the-fly using the steering wheel controls!  

The Edge 22402 Pulsar V3 Tuner makes it easy to add power as it requires no tuning, and no special unlock procedures. Installation of the Pulsar Module is a cinch and this module gives you instant on-the-fly power without the wait of "reflashing" your stock ECM. The Pulsar is an in-line module that connects to the computer in your truck and optimizes performance and throttle response. This module also has the ability to adjust tire size, gear ratio, and more to deliver a ton of features for your dollar. 

The Edge 22402 Pulsar module is controlled using cruise control "+" and "-" buttons on your steering wheel. The speedometer gauge is your instrument cluster will display all 6 power levels (0-5) when in use. You can change performance levels or hit cancel on your cruise control to display the power level. 

Clear DTC Codes
Includes Update Cable
Up To +132 HP & +293 TQ
Adjust TPMS From 40-99 PSI
Transmission Relearn Function
Manual DPF Regeneration Function
5 On-The-Fly Adjustable Power Levels 
Speed Limiter Adjustment From 98-140 MPH
Controlled With "+" & "-" Cruise Control Buttons
Recalibrates Speedometer For Tires From 29"-50.9” 
Recalibrates Speedometer For Gear Ratios From 2.00-6.99 

Turbo Timer
EGT Backdown
Shift Backdown
High Idle Adjustment
Cold Engine Backdown
Transmission Slip Protection
Throttle Sensitivity Adjustment

Level 0: +0 HP & +0 TQ
Level 1: +28 HP & +68 TQ
Level 2: +58 HP & +125 TQ
Level 3: +78 HP & +175 TQ
Level 4: +103 HP & +239 TQ
Level 5: +132 HP & +293 TQ

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