Stage 1.5 180cc 30% Set | Dieselsite 66mm Turbo - 7.3 Powerstroke Early 99
FFD Stage 1.5 Injectors

Stage 1.5 180cc 30% Set | Dieselsite 66mm Turbo - 7.3 Powerstroke Early 99

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Warranty Injector 18 Months Unlimited Miles - Turbo 1 Year

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7.3 Powerstroke Full Force Diesel Stage 1.5 Injector Set

The Stage 1.5 injectors are very popular for towing and everyday driving with a little more power than the stage 1 and still keep low smoke levels. The stage 1.5 achieves more power with the larger nozzle but they are still a great choice for towing and without stress on the stock drivetrain. The power made is very noticeable in all driving conditions from off idle to full throttle.

Stage 1.5 injectors features new 30% larger nozzle and plunger barrel assemblies for long life and predictable performance. The new single shot design is more efficient and requires a custom tuned chip to achieve the best performance. Power increases are up to 200 hp over a stock truck without any prior modifications. Fuel mileage may increase up to 1-2 mpg depending on driving style and driving conditions.

Full Force 1.5 Injectors feature:
  • New 30% Nozzles assemblies
  • Best for heavy towing and fuel economy
  • Works with stock turbo and drivetrains
  • New Plunger and Barrel assemblies
  • New internal springs
  • New internal and external o ring seals
  • Flow tested and matched to within 1% variation
  • Ready to install
  • Never charged core repair fees (excluding solenoid damage and vegetable oil fuel)
  • Warranty: Full Force Diesel Injectors include a 18 Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty!
180cc vs 160cc:
180cc is the best choice for most 1999-2003 trucks. The only time we recommend the 160cc injectors is in high altitude locations or for the customer that don't want a large power increase. The only benefit of the 160cc is the 99-03 is converting to a more efficient single shot injector with a very small bump in power. The stock injectors have an effective flow rate of 122cc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Custom tuned chip: If you don't have a tuner or a chip currently please select a TS chip or Hydra chip. This has to be done to convert the computer to a single shot fuel injector program. All tunes still add the appropriate power. Tunes included (*for most trucks) Heavy Tow, Hi idle, Light tow, Daily Race and Extreme tunes. Low smoke tunes are tuned custom by our tuner to get the most power with the least amount of black smoke.

Core charge:Every injector set requires a core charge. Please select add core to send your injectors now and refund the money later. Best way to not have down time with your truck. Or sending in first for us to wait and sent your order when we get yours to avoid paying the charge. Sending in first shipping label is we email you a label to get your cores here. (Saves you time)

Reburn my chip for free: If you have a TS or hydra we'll put our tunes for the injectors on your chip. Leave the add a chip to no thanks. Then select "free reflash" meaning you send us your chip (TS or Hydra) and we reprogram and send it back to you. Hydra email tunes is just that we encrypt the tunes and email them to you to self install. Email tunes Hydra Low Smoke is the custom tuning for minimal smoke also emailed to you.


A drop in ball bearing Early 1999 7.3 Turbo upgrade. This turbo features the Wicked Wheel 2 and the Dieselsite mechanical wastegate. Ball bearing center section for increase spool up and durability. Very durable strength and dependable spool up characteristics. Includes 360 thrust washers, 1.0 A/R exhaust turbine housing, 66mm wheels.

Early 99 Ball Bearing Turbo Features
  • 1.0 Upgraded turbine housing for lower EGT and backpressure
  • 360 Thrust Washer for longevity at high boost levels
  • Wicked wheel 2 for better flow and faster spool up
  • Mechanical Diesel Site wastegate controller
  • Rebuild-able if you ever need it
  • Brand New without core
This turbo features a true direct ball bearing drop in turbo. The first early 1999 drop in of it's kind. Improved horsepower and torque in a stock truck and if you add more performance parts like injectors (up to 205cc recommended) you can achieve a very high level of performance. Lighting fast spool up with a tune-able (adjustable) mechanical wastegate to fine tune your turbo set up. Add the ball bearings, 360 thrust washer, large turbine housing, and it's rebuild-able you have the ultimate drop in turbo for the Early 1999 Powerstroke.

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