DieselSite Transmission Filter Kit - Powerstroke 1994-2010
DieselSite Transmission Filter Kit - Powerstroke 1994-2010

DieselSite Transmission Filter Kit - Powerstroke 1994-2010

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Most cars and light trucks are 5/16".
Most Pre-1997 E4OD's use a 5/16" line.
1997 E4OD can be either 5/16" or 3/8" - you will have to check your truck for the correct line size. 
The 1999-2003 4R100 uses a 3/8" line.
The Ford 6-Speed Manual uses a 3/8" line.
The Ford 5 Speed Automatic 5R110 uses 1/2" Line.
If the flare nut takes a 1/2" wrench then your line size is 5/16". 
If the flare nut takes a 5/8" wrench then your line size is 3/8". 
If the flare nut takes a 3/4" wrench then your line size is 1/2". 

Our kits are made with stainless braided high pressure hose and fittings that match the OEM connections. This allows for easier installation and quick removal should the need arise. There is no cutting or modifying needed of the OEM lines or connections when installing our unit.

Automatic transmissions have internal filters designed to capture only large particles. These filters are designed as a pickup to keep large particles from flowing through the transmission. These filters are on the suction side of the pump. Fine filtration in the pan is not an option for the transmission manufacturers due to the fact that transmission pumps should not be restricted. The only way to get fine filtration for a transmission is with an external transmission filter kit on the push side of the pump. The 4R100/E4OD and many other transmissions were never equipped with this type of external filter. The Allison in the Chevy and many medium duty and heavy duty trucks come equipped from the factory with an external transmission filter. This is not a new idea in transmission maintenance and protection. 

The OEM filter location requires that you pull the pan to change or check the filter. With our kit you can simply spin on a new filter element. With the optional pressure gauge to monitor when you should change your filter, you can avoid unnecessary filter changes.

Manual Transmissions have no filter at all. This is an obvious problem as gear wear is floating around in the system causing even more wear. To run an external transmission filter on a manual transmission, the transmission would have to have a factory installed internal pump. To our knowledge, the Ford 6-speed manual transmission is the only manual unit to have an internal pump. Since pumps are installed in manual transmissions in order to run external coolers, the presence of a cooler on your vehicle would indicate that you have an internal pump in your manual transmission. If so, you can order the kit with your corresponding line size and fabricate it to work on your vehicle. OR, give us a call and we will see if we can figure it out for/with you.

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