CTS2 VS The All New CTS3 - Should you upgrade?
cts2 vs cts3

The Edge monitor has always been the best for monitoring our diesel trucks. While the Insight CTS2 has taken care of just about all parameters we would ever need but with all the new late model vehicles available today there is always room to grow.

The all new Edge Insight CTS3 defiantly tops the CTS2 in many great ways.

When you turn on your CTS3 monitor it will now boot up in 2 seconds compared to 15 seconds with the CTS2. On board RAM went from 256K to a now massive 1GB with the powerful ARM 9TI processor. This will for sure speed up selecting and executing options. 

The CTS3 now offers a capacitive touch screen that has a super-high degree of sensitivity and will function like you are using your smart phone screen. Also, the CTS3 is running 720P resolution compared to the CTS2 with 480P. The screen additionally has a night and day built in light sensitivity meter that will adjust automatically.

The screen size stayed the same size at 5” and we are ok with that. Plenty large to add all of our gauges we want to display and only takes seconds to change the gauge layout.

We now have 15+ available gauge screens on the CTS3 compared to the CTS2 with only 5. With a simple and quick selection, we can toggle the screens.

With the CTS2 we always had to connect the monitor to a PC to set up our EAS sensors. Now additional EAS sensors can be simply setup within the device and no need to plug up to a PC anymore.

High speed data logging export is now available on the CTS3. This will make it so much easier and quicker when your tuner or technician requests data. Just data log your vehicle, export the file and send. That easy.

Performance testing with track ticket export is all new with the CTS3. You can now create and export your own track ticket just like being at the track.

WiFi has made our lives a lot easier and now with the CTS3 you can connect to a WiFi connection and update your device. No more removing the monitor from your vehicle and connecting to a computer. Who has time for that right? Also, for you MAC guys MAC is now supported with the CTS3.

As usual you can still monitor DPF status and perform a manual regen on supported vehicles.

All of the Edge EAS current options will fit the CTS3 except for the back up camera. If you already have the Edge backup camera you will need an updated cable to make work. Other than everything will be a plug-n-play.

Overall, we find the new CTS3 to be a very nice and recommended upgrade over the CTS2 and sure it will get even better over time with Edge updates.  


Zach Kinsman

Date 11/13/2020

2004.5 dodge ram. I have cts 1 with dash mount, with pyrometer and back up camera. Will cts3 fit in my old dash mount holder? What about pyrometer and backup camera?

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