Colt Cams Stage 4 Camshaft - Cummins 1989-2017
Colt Cams Stage 4 Camshaft - Cummins 1989-2017

Colt Cams Stage 4 Camshaft - Cummins 1989-2017

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The Colt Cams Stage 4 "Big Stick" Cummins Camshaft gives your 1989-2017 Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Cummins the same great driveability, mid-range torque, horsepower, and bottom end as the Stage 3, but with a larger exhaust profile to give you the max flow on large singles or compounds. This camshaft is designed as a drop-in that is good up to 4400 RPM.

Drop-In Camshaft Good Up To 4400 RPM 
Great For Large Singles & Compound Turbos 
Duration @ .050 - INT. 181 Degrees, Cam Lift 0.280, Lobe Sep. 107.5 
Duration @ .050 -EXH. 218 Degrees, Cam Lift 0.323 

Installation Notes: 
Follow Cummins installation instructions, use adequate amounts of assembly lube.
Retainer Torque - 44 ft-lbs. Use red loctite.
When using retainer on Common Rail, clearance is required.
Always use new or re-crowned lifters.
Big Stick cast billets require 2nd gen 24V lifters. Cummins Part# 3942565 
If using Common Rail lifted with larger head, make sure it clears the fuel pump lobe #5 on 12V engines. CR blocks should be okay but you should still check. If your gear is not pressed on all the way, the lifters could touch.
Extra clearance may be required with aftermarket connecting rods
Drop-in cam is applicable in MOST cases, you MUST check clearances. Especially if a head has been planed, block decked,valve recessions..etc. Always check clearances before starting.

Break-In Procedure: 
Cam lube on all lobes, lifter faces, and oil pump gears.
Oil all bearing journals and lifter barrels.
Always turn engine over by hand before starting, check for clearances and proper timing location. 
Fire up to 1800-2000 RPM for 18-20 minutes.

Zinc Additive: Most oil companies have taken out a percentage of additives that are meant for anti-scuffing for break-in on flat tappet cams. A zinc additive must be added to your oil before you fire up your engine for the first time.

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