All About 7.3 Performance Injectors
So you are ready in the next step to upgrade your 7.3 Powerstroke.  As your trucks injectors wear out or fail you must ask yourself should you spend a few more dollars to increase the performance of your injectors?

Modified performance 7.3 Powerstroke Full Force Injectors can give you a moderate boost in fuel economy and performance.

Let's start with the stock injectors.  
The 7.3 Powerstroke stock injector is just that, for stock truck performance.  They are limited by the total fuel output.  OBS injectors are rated at approximately 90cc of flow and they are single shot by design.  The supderduty injectors are limited to a effective flow rate of approximately 120cc of flow in a split shot design.  With these flow rates you are limited in power by a performance chip to the max potential of the stock injectors.  Max HP with a chip will net you around 70 HP in the OBS and around 140 HP in the Superduty truck.

So what makes a performance injector make more power?  
When the injectors are modified, all injectors at Full Force are converted to a single shot design.  This design is best for overall performance and injector efficiency.  In the Superduty 99-03 this is especially beneficial to completely remove the split shot of the stock injector.  This is wasted fuel that's not used by the truck for making power but to lower the engine noise by about 15-20%.  

Full Force increases the CC of fuel delivery and nozzle sizes to achieve more power and performance.  With modifications inside the injector we can increase the flow rate up to 450 cc's of fuel flow.  Modifications of this type allow the injector (when modified with Injector Tuning) to open farther and increase the fuel volume into the cylinder.

So what do the CC flow and nozzle size mean? 
Each increase in CC of flow will inject more fuel into the cylinder to make a larger explosion inside the engine.  So what about stock nozzles or modified nozzles?  The larger the nozzle the faster the injector can empty it's fuel volume into the cylinder.  This nozzle give a more precise timing for the explosion.

How to choose the correct size performance injector.  
When deciding what size injector best suits your needs you must first decide what you goals are for you.  

A tow truck or work truck will need less CC and a smaller nozzle.  The reason for this is simple.  Lower EGT's and less strain on your drivetrain.  Can you add bigger injectors and still tow?  Absolutely, but keep in mind you will need to upgrade to lower the risk of high EGT's and possibly improve your drivetrain durability.  To lower the EGT's you can add more air with a turbo upgrade.

A street truck can handle a larger CC injector due to the fact the EGT's will be less of a concern.  When not loaded short bursts of high EGT's are acceptable and shouldn't result in problems.  However the drivetrain will suffer high levels of strain as the HP is increased.  Turbo upgrades and drivetrain upgrades are recommend to run larger injectors.

A competition truck does not have CC limits due to the fact that most of these trucks need to produce the most power and performance available.  The trucks are typically highly modified and usually aren't street driven on a daily basis.

What upgrades do you need with injectors?
All trucks will need to have gauges to monitor your trucks performance.  All trucks will need a injector specific tuned chip to increase the flow and tell the truck to utilize the upgrades.  Other than these two highly important upgrades, each and every modification you do to your truck to increase airflow through the engine will allow you to utilize more of the power and possibly increase the size of your injector upgrade recommendation.  The airflow upgrades include cold air intakes, exhaust systems, and turbo upgrades.

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jacob kierstead

Date 4/30/2019

Very useful information and when I called to talk to them about the items they were super nice and knowledgeable.

Lucas Stuard

Date 12/7/2019

Hello I have a 2002 Ford f250 with the 7.3 powerstroke it needs acid injectors the truck has 383 thousand miles on the original injectors I'm just looking for a set of factory injectors nothing special I want to keep it all stock could you email me back on the prices and what you have I really appreciate it thank you and God bless

Donald Daniell

Date 12/14/2019

Hi, I have a 2002 7.3 powerstroke and just purchased the stage 1.5 380cc injectors from you. I also sent my TS chiop to you for programming. Will I need to do a fuel pump upgrade too or will the stock be good enough?

FFD Staff

Date 12/16/2019 7:47:00 AM

The stock fuel system can handle the stage 1.5 as long as the fuel pump is functioning properly. You could benefit from adding the FRX if you were looking to upgrade further.

ben Janusey

Date 1/5/2020

Hell sir! I have a 2003 E350 with 7.3 ! I'm looking for a little more power for towing and fuel efficiency! I believe I have the powder rods! can u reccomend the correct fueling for my van thank you!

FFD Staff

Date 2/4/2020 2:34:00 PM

You need to stay at or below about 425hp. I would recommend the stage 1.5 for you.

Leo Harry

Date 3/30/2020

Hello this is Leo Harry. Commercial truck drivers have a lot of experience and have to pass a special test to drive those big rigs.


Date 3/31/2020

I have an 2002 f250 7.3 powerstroke, how big can I go with the injectors with a stock HPOP and fuel pump.


Date 3/31/2020

I have an 2002 f250 7.3 powerstroke, how big can I go with the injectors with a stock HPOP and fuel pump.


Date 4/15/2020

When the injectors are rebuilt are the armature plates shimmed or is there machine work involved to get the correct specs. I’ve heard of people just shimming the plates and not sure if that’s all it needs? Thank you.


Date 6/5/2020

I was wanting to know what size injectors would you recommend for 1995 7.3 obs Powerstroke. I’ve rebuilt stock turbo and did small up grade on air intake. I do mainly towing. Would like a little more horsepower. I have 218,00 miles on it. What type of up grades would you recommend for this yr Powerstroke. Thanks Dewayne


Date 10/20/2020

Hi I have a 95 7.3 stock turbo, exhaust, intake, adrenaline hpop, hydra tuner, and a suncoast built transmission. I have a stock fuel system and im looking for the most power out of the stock fuel system. Ive been told to go 160/30 but I was looking for more. Can a stock fuel system handle 180/80 or atleast 180/30? Whats the biggest injector a stock fuel system on this OBS can handle?


Date 11/23/2020

I've got a 2002 F350 with the 7.3 and I need new Injectors and I was wondering about the core charges. Will The stock Injectors work for the core charges If I'm getting the 1.5 Performance Injectors?


Date 11/23/2020

I've got a 2002 F350 with the 7.3 and I need new Injectors and I was wondering about the core charges. Will The stock Injectors work for the core charges If I'm getting the 1.5 Performance Injectors?


Date 4/30/2021

I recently purchased and installed 160 stage 1.5 injectors, stage 2 73/63 turbo, and the company brand intercooler system, had my chip reflashed for the injectors. All I can say is WOW, now my truck gets up and moves.

Rick Parks

Date 6/21/2022

Hello, I have a 2001 F350 7.3 and would like to know what injectors you recommend for getting the most power without killing the mileage. Right now I get between 15-19 mpg. I have a Banks intercooler & air intake, GTP38R turbo with th3 high flow outlet & Big Head wastegate, AFE intake manifold, Riffraff non-ebpv blank pedestal, ATS boost fooler, AirDog II 4G fuel pump, 4" tube on the intake from the air box to turbo and valve cover vent rerouted, and a CTS2 tuner. I need help with what I need and how does the injector chip affect the CTS tuner? What chip option would I need and do I send in the CTS chip or replace it as my pcm did not have one. Do you recommend the Riffraff ftx? I would be ordering the glow plugs and wiring harnesses. Thank you very much.

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