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7.3 Powerstroke Chip and Tuner Upgrades

Does a chip or tuner for the 7.3 Powerstroke really add that much power and better economy? Chips and Tuners will give you more power and fuel economy by simply changing the PCM stock calibration to a more performance oriented and optimized calibration. A chip or tuner simply remaps the computer by safely adding more fuel and optimized timing. This upgrade safely unlocks power that your truck already has the capability to produce. Less throttle get the truck moving and less throttle keeps the load heading up the hill. How to choose the best 7.3 Tuner or Chip- Choose a chip if you are looking for multiple, shift on the fly programs or if you have a need for custom programming. Turn the knob or push a button and the power level changes instantly to your needs. A chip is physically attached to the computer of the truck. A tuner may be the best option if you want standard performance tunes that are easy to load or if you don't change programs very often. The last benefit of a tuner is some come as optional digital gauges. Saving you money over buying gauges separately for the pillar. A tuner usually plugs in downloads a new pcm program then you store it until needed again. Best sellers are the SCT Tuner, Hydra Chip and TS 6 Position Chip.