Chemical Guys SPI_402_16 - Heavy Metal Polish (16 oz)
SPI 402 16

Chemical Guys SPI_402_16 - Heavy Metal Polish (16 oz)

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Heavy Metal Polish is a specialty metal polish formulated to restore a brilliant shine to severely oxidized, stained, and tarnished metal surfaces, then seal it with protective polymers. Use This Polish To: Restore a brilliant reflection and shine Reverse the effects of oxygen, sulfur, and air Protect metal from future stains and oxidation Clean, shine, and protect in one easy step Help prevent metal degradation Natural Cleaners Break Down Grime When polished metals are left in the open, oxygen and sulfur reacts with the surface of the metal. This tarnish affects the outermost layer of the metal with a chemical reaction that dulls its shine. Heavy Metal Polish is formulated with specialty metal cleaners and micro-abrasives that break down and release oxides, tarnish, and contamination to restore gloss and clarity to bare polished metal. Advanced Sealant Technology Heavy Metal Polish is specifically formulated to remove oxidation, stains and tarnish to restore a brilliant shine to stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, silver, gold, or even chrome, then seal the surface with protective polymers to help prevent future stains and oxidation. The unique polymer protection technology repels water spots and stains to ensure your metalwork is protect

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