Carrillo Connecting Rods - 7.3 Powerstroke 1994-2003
Carrillo Connecting Rods - 7.3 Powerstroke 1994-2003

Carrillo Connecting Rods - 7.3 Powerstroke 1994-2003

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Carrillo PS737130H Connecting Rods Upgrade

These rods are much stronger than the forged rods or powered metal. Fits the 1994-2003. When you build a high horsepower 7.3 Powerstroke truck the connecting rods are a main concern at 500hp and above. When you damage a rod you can loose the entire engine.

The 2001 (some models) -2003 have even weaker powdered metal rods. To see if your 2001 has forges or powdered metal rods there is an inspection port on the side of the engine Carrillo uses proprietary chrome, nickel, moly, vanadium alloy which meets all VAR (vacuum arc re-melt ASTM standards). The heat is validated, both by the supplier and an independent metallurgist whom confirm the desired physical and chemical properties of steel. All heat treat processes are via a mar-aged operation, resulting in UTS of 195,000 with a yield of 182,000 while maintaining the critical elements of low notch-sensitivity and ductility.

All Carrillo connecting rods are manufactured from an oversized forging resulting in the proper grainflow as well as the surface removal of any potential inclusions or surface conversions generated by the forging process. All critical CNC machines at Carrillo are equipped with probing to accurately validate dimensional integrity. In the production process each part is magna-fluxed at least twice, further each piece is Rockwell tested to validate the heat treat procedure. A final shot peen operation completes the part. CP-Carrillo manufactures high-performance pistons, connecting rods, and ring kits for virtually every vehicle make and model. CP-Carrillo is known for its fully machined, lightweight, precision pistons.

All CP pistons are engineered using sophisticated computer modeling for optimum designs, while their 5-axis machining capability enables them to create any piston for any applicationfrom a Chevy big block, to a Mazda sport compact. This Made in the U.S.A. company also manufactures parts for the powersports and watercraft racing industries. No matter what youre driving, CP-Carrillo pistons can help you go faster.

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