Motorcraft Blue Spring Upgrade
Motorcraft Blue Spring Upgrade

Motorcraft Blue Spring Upgrade

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6.0 Powerstroke 2003-2007

Motorcraft 3C3Z-9T517-AG Blue Spring Fuel Pressure Kit

The Blue Spring fuel pressure spring upgrade is a low-cost, must-have modification that will increase fuel pressure on your 6.0L Powerstroke. Even simple aftermarket performance upgrades can easily challenge the limits of your stock fuel system. Increasing the fuel pressure will help prevent damage to your injectors and even extend injector life. Common pressure increases can be 10-15 PSI as well as increased engine performance, increased drivability and smoother power delivery.

What is the purpose of this kit? Common cause of 6.0L injector failure is low fuel pressure. This kit increases the pressure to your injectors by about 10%. Every 6.0L owner should perform this inexpensive upgrade!

Will this kit damage my engine? Absolutely not - this kit was not our idea. Ford developed the blue spring update and both Ford and International sell it through their dealer networks. 

What is included in this kit? This kit is very simple - it includes only two parts - a new slightly stronger pressure regulator spring, and a new gasket for the pressure regulator cover.

Is this kit easy to install? Yes, this is a relatively straight-forward job for persons with basic mechanical abilities.

Following are the basic installation steps:
1. Locate your secondary fuel filter housing which is located on top of the engine. In order to access the secondary fuel filter housing, you may need to remove some intake duct work and tie some coolant hoses out of the way. 
2. Remove the fuel filter cap and the fuel filter. Remove the fuel from the filter housing. 
3. Remove the four torx screws that retain the pressure regulator housing cover to the side of the secondary fuel filter housing. Keep pressure on the cover during this process in order to keep the spring from pushing the cover off too quickly. 
4. Gently move the cover away from the housing. Replace the old spring with the new blue spring and replace the cover gasket. Reverse procedure to reassemble. 
5. Before starting the engine cycle the key several times to prime the fuel system.

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