BD Flex Plate
BD Flex Plate

BD Flex Plate

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6.7 Cummins 2007.5-2016

BD 1041221 68rfe Flex Plate Upgrade

Don't chance your factory flex plate to big power. This flex plate upgrade can handle big upgrades or you may just want to future proof your truck for any future planes.

This 4th Gen upgraded flex plate is designed to handle more torque and power in the 6.7 Dodge Cummins. This forged steel flex plate is can support up to 1500hp. Much stronger than the factory flex plate and 2x thicker.

This SFI certified precision balanced plate is black oxide coated for corrosion resistance. Highly resistant to cracking and warping. The SFI certification is valid for competition use rules and requirements.

  • Meets SFI 29.3 Approval!
  • Reliably handle up to 1,500 lb-ft of torque
  • Twice the material of the stock flex plate
  • Forged billet
  • Precision-balanced
  • Black Oxide coated to resist corrosion and prevents hydrogen embrittlement
  • Allows axial thrust unlike solid flywheel conversions
  • Fit any OEM or aftermarket torque converter
  • Direct, bolt-in replacement for the stock unit
  • Affordable enough to replace with converter or transmission swap
  • Great for racing, towing or stock!

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