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BD Intercooler Boot Kit - 7.3 Powerstroke 1999.5-2003

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BD 1047030 Intercooler Boot Upgrade Kit

Leaking intercooler boots or adding more horsepower in the 7.3 Powerstroke calls for and an intercooler boot upgrade to handle more boost effectively. This intercooler boot replacement kit features all the correct size boots and includes new plenum or manifold boots. When you upgrade your turbo or add a T4 turbo kit the added pressure puts a strain on the stock intercooler turbo boots. Those boots are able to withstand the pressure generate and burst or blow off. 

The stock intercooler boots swell with pressure and become more weak over time. These boots are thicker and will stop those problems. The 7.3 Powerstroke BD intercooler boot upgrade kit is easy to install. Just remove the stock boots and clamps and replace them on at a time. Installation time is less than an hour. The BD Diesel Performance Intake Hose and Clamp Upgrade Kits are designed to withstand over 100 PSI of Boost and engineered specifically for each application. Rugged Spring Locked Stainless Steel T-Bar Clamps provide up to 400 lbs of clamping pressure to create the ultimate hold. 4-5 ply Blue Nomex Silicone boots are heat and tear resistant designed to withstand over 100 PSI of boost. 

Intercooler Boots Features:
  • Improved durable intercooler boot design
  • Both intercooler pipe boots on both passenger and driver's side
  • Intake Plenum boots
  • 4 ply or 5 ply Blue Nomex Silicone Boots
  • Rugged Spring-Loaded Stainless Steel T-Bar clamps
  • Designed to withstand 100 PSI

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