BD 6R140 Pressure Controller
BD 6R140 Pressure Controller

BD 6R140 Pressure Controller

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6.7 Powerstroke 2011-2017
Maximize holding power of the 6R140 transmission in your 2011-2017 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke with the BD-Power 1031320 6R140 Pressure Controller. The 6R140 in your truck is is specially tuned to improve economy and reduce unnecessary work. Because of this, the pressure control solenoid does not supply full line pressure even during wide open throttle. This can cause excessive wear and clutch slippage in heavy tow, and high performance applications.

The stock line pressure is load dependent and is around 70-170 PSI. The BD-Power 1031320 6R140 Pressure Controller overrides the pressure control solenoid and provides a full 300 PSI at wide open throttle. As a result, clutch slippage and wear and tear are drastically reduced. This gives your transmission a longer life and 76% more theoretical holding power! Unlike solenoid foolers or plugs that are always active, the 1031320 is only active when boost is over 15 PSI. The 6R140 Pressure Controller does not require a transmission relearn and does not create parasitic load or extra heat when inactive.

  • 76% more theoretical holding power
  • Delivers up to 300psi line pressure at WOT
  • Only active when boost over 15psi, unlike solenoid foolers or plugs which are active all the time
  • Does not create parasitic load or extra heat when inactive
  • No transmission relearn required
  • Installs in under an hour

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