AFE Scorcher Pro Performance Programmer
AFE Scorcher Pro Performance Programmer

AFE Scorcher Pro Performance Programmer

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3.0 Powerstroke 2018-2019
The AFE 77-33014 Scorcher PRO Performance Programmer maximizes the performance potential and drivability from your 2018-2019 Ford F-150 3.0L Powerstroke with a simple download. This all-in-one programmer provides specially calibrated tunes that are optimized to deliver more horsepower and torque on vehicles already equipped with AFE products. With the cloud based tune delivery and built-in WiFi capability, AFE custom tunes can be downloaded and delivered to your device just about whenever or wherever you want. The full color screen features customizable gauges for monitoring critical vehicle data and even has the capability to data log, adjust tire size, axle ratio, TPMS, and DPF Regen. The device stores your vehicles factory tune file for easy restoration back to the factory settings.

AFE provides a selection of 6 tunes depending on vehicle information and its requirements:
Race Tune
Street+ Tune
Street Tune
Tow Tune
Heavy Tow Tune
Optimized Factory

Ultimate Performance:
All-in-one, performance programmer that provides specially calibrated tunes for vehicles equipped with AFE Power products* to maximize your vehicles performance potential and drivability with a simple download.

It's the ultimate in performance enhancements. Customized tunes to reprogram your vehicles ECU to perform perfectly and produce maximum horsepower with AFE Power products. Register online ( and enter vehicle information to receive custom tunes.

Data Logging and Monitoring:
Monitor and display critical vehicle data using on-screen, full color customizable gauges. View, capture or download your vehicle’s data on one device.

Diagnostic Tools:
The SCORCHER PRO Performance Programmer offers the capability to reads and clear DTC’s (diagnostic trouble codes).

Plug & Play Installation
Cloud-Based Updates
Read & Clear DTC's
Monitor And Data Log
Note: Tunes are also available for stock vehicles.

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