AFE Momentum HD Intake System
AFE Momentum HD Intake System

AFE Momentum HD Intake System

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6.7 Powerstroke 2020

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The AFE 50-70007D Pro Dry S Momentum HD Intake System is one of the highest flowing air intake systems available for your 2020 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke. This intake system offers a one-piece sealed housing that is built from heat-resistant cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) and features AFE’s exclusive filter-to-housing interface. This interface was designed to fit the largest air filter possible and minimize the total number of parts, making for a straightforward installation. The filter housing also has a clear sight glass for quick filter inspection without having to disassemble your air intake system. By utilizing the factory air scoop inlets and an optional ancillary air inlet, this intake system is designed for optimal airflow.  

The AFE 50-70007T Pro 10R Momentum HD Intake System comes with the Pro DRY S media with three layers of synthetic media. This 9” tall, 360-degree radial flow air filter features a large 5-3/4” flange to provide great filtration efficiency and dust holding capacity. The Pro DRY filter has a reinforced metal exterior that provides maximum strength to prevent filter collapse and is best suited for street use. Stainless-steel T-bolt clamps and silicone coupling boots are utilized with this intake system to minimize oxidization and offer maximum strength and reliability. 

One-Piece Housing 
Silicone Coupling Boots 
Dyno-Tuned Intake Tube 
Stainless-Steel T-Bolt Clamps  
Cleanable & Reusable Dry Filter

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