DieselSite Adrenaline SS Threads HPOP - 7.3 Powerstroke 1994-2003
7.3 Powerstroke Adrenaline HPOP

DieselSite Adrenaline SS Threads HPOP - 7.3 Powerstroke 1994-2003

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A true drop in performance HPOP upgrade and the Diesel Site Stainless Steel Inserts Adrenaline HPOP is best available direct fit pump on the market for the 1994-2003 7.3 Powerstroke. The Adrenaline increase flow and withstands pressure loss for much longer than the factory OE pump. The Adrenaline can supply much larger injectors with oil pressure and can support up to 275cc injectors or 550hp. This HPOP upgrade is also a very good OEM replacement without modified injectors. You can ensure a stock truck will run for thousands of miles without loss of power due to week pressure.Fits the 1994-2003. The HPOP system (high pressure oil pump) is crucial to produce power. Improves fuel mileage making the entire system more efficient. This pump is a true bolt on performance pump that requires no other modifications for installation. Works well with performance modifications or if you want to future proof you unmodified truck to make sure you oil system holds pressure even after the pump is worn many miles from now.  

The Best true bolt on HPOP Upgrade

We recommend this pump for modified injectors. The warranty service and performance is top notch. The Adrenaline is the perfect high pressure oil solution for stock and upgraded injector setups. Injectors require a minimum of 2600 psi high pressure oil to fire correctly. High pressure oil is used to atomize fuel coming from the injector. The larger the injector and nozzle the more the pressure drops on a stock HPOP. 2800-3000 psi is the optimal operating pressure under wide open throttle for correct atomization of the fuel. As expected, stock injectors won't feel quite the "wow" that larger injectors will, but you will feel it and when towing you will wonder how you did without it. Larger injectors are the big winners with higher volume high pressure oil. The bigger the injector, the more power gains. Every injector size realizes fuel mileage. But make no mistake, this is not some small increase meant for small injectors.As common sense dictates, the larger the injectors the more power you realize from adding higher volume high pressure oil. This pump will deliver fuel economy, performance, and power to any vehicle. The Adrenaline HPOP upgrade will future proof your truck because it can supply a large range of fuel injectors. Diesel Site is now now backing the Adrenaline HPOP up with a 24 month unlimited warranty.

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