All About the 6.0 Powerstroke FICM - Problems & Solutions
The Fuel Injection Control Module was installed on all of the Ford 6.0L engines to operate the injectors from the command of the PCM. This setup was very similar to the Ford 7.3L IDM’s. Voltage from the FICM actuates the injector solenoids. To actuate the injector solenoids the FICM must have the correct voltage either 48 volt or 58 volt. Stock non-modified FICM’s will be 48 volts. Upgraded FICM’s are offered at a 58 volt. Running a 58 volt FICM will help with pedal response, hold the injector spool valve further open, increase horsepower(~30hp) and better cold climate starting. 

Typical FICM issues: 

We recommend having your batteries checked first before testing your FICM. They should test between 12.6-12.7 volts. A reading below 12.6 indicates a bad battery or needs to be recharged. Also it is a good idea to have your alternator tested as well. -No start -Engine misfires -Engine stalling -Rough engine start hot and or cold -Engine running rough including intermittent issues 

Testing the FICM: 

There are a few different ways to test your FICM. 

You can connect a scan tool that will read FICM voltage. You should have a minimum of 45 volts to be within specification with the ignition key in the RUN position, cranking and engine running. Any voltage reading below 45 volts indicates a bad FICM and will need to be replaced. If you receive a 0 voltage reading while cranking you may have a bad FICM fuse and or relay. 

 Another way to test the FICM is to use a voltage meter to test voltage at the FICM itself. There is a small inspection cover on top of the FICM that has two T-20 torx screws that will need to be removed. Ford installed two styles of FICM’s. The 7 pin model was installed in the early(prior to 9/23/2003) builds and the 4 pin models were installed in the late builds. 

To test with a FICM with a 7 pin you will connect your volt meter’s positive lead to the top left screw and connect your positive lead to the negative battery terminal. To test with a FICM with a 4 pin you will connect your volt meter’s positive lead to the far right screw and connect your positive lead to the negative battery terminal. You will test the same way as we did with the scan tool. Key in run position, cranking and engine running. If voltage drops below 45 volts the FICM will require replacement. 

If you have a 58 volt FICM installed you will need to test FICM with a voltmeter to read the correct voltage. Checking a 58 volt FICM with a scan tool will only show up to ~48 volts. 58 volt FICM include a resistor to fool the PCM so it will not activate a check engine light for an over voltage code. 

Additional FICM Options 

PHP offers a DIY FICM programmer that includes 4 programs to choose from that can increase your engine’s horsepower and also found to increase fuel mileage on a stock 48 volt and 58 volt FICM. This programmer offers the Economy, 40hp, 80hp and 100hp levels. We also offer you the ability to send in your FICM and we can program one of the four FICM flashes that the PHP programmer offers for $150. FICM connector pigtails are available just in case you have a broken or worn connectors that are in need of replacement. Give us a call or check out our website for further information.


Darrell Grimmer

Date 11/3/2020

Thankx for a clear and great amount of information and it looks like great prices on products. I have a 2005 ford f350 superduty kingranch 6.0litre I need to replace my exhaust And probably a tune I have over 345000klm And notsure if its worth the investment Thankx Darrell

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