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OBS 7.3 Powerstroke Injectors

Full Force Diesel performance injectors are one of the major upgrades to improve the performance and power to the 7.3L engine. Power is a combination of air movement, engine electronic delivery of fuel with a custom chip and the physical delivery of more fuel with performance injectors. Full Force Diesel modified injectors are remanufactured in house by our highly trained technicians to give you optimal fuel delivery with a wide range of power levels. The fuel is measured by CC volume during the flow testing process. The higher the CC flow capacity, the more potential for increased horsepower and torque. The Full Force Diesel remanufacturing process is among the most extensive in the industry. Rest assured you are getting the best with Full Force Performance Injectors. These injectors fit the 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997.

Guide on how to choose the right performance injectors:

Which of the follow categories do you fit with?

  • Daily driver or work truck 300hp up to 380hp
  • Daily driver only occasionally tows light load only 400hp to 525hp
  • Performance or Competition truck 550hp+

Daily driver or work truck:

If this is your category you will want to choose a lower power injector that doesn't increase fuel much more than stock. You need injectors that won't add enough fuel to create more necessary modifications or place extra strain on the stock drivetrain. This person fits in the category here when the truck tows and works really hard and is driven daily. This truck doesn't have many performance modifications and tows heavy often. In this case we recommend a stock reman injector, Stage 1 injector, or a maximum of a Stage 1.5 injector. EGT's won't be a big issue as long as gauges are installed and the drivetrain of the vehicle can usually withstand these horsepower levels.

Daily driver only occasionally tows light loads

In this case you can go up in injectors size and fuel output if you choose. With other modifications to the fuel system, turbo system, and some drivetrain modifications you can choose between a Stage 2 injector and go up to a Stage 3 injectors 250cc. This person can drive with up to 550hp daily with the proper supporting modifications.

Performance or Competition truck:

In this case the truck is very rarely driven on the street and used mainly for competition truck for sled pulls and drag racing. These injectors start at 275cc Stage 3 injector on up from there. Major supporting modifications are recommended and the truck usually become very street unfriendly.

There are exceptions to this general guideline but this should be enough information to get you started shopping for your Full Force Diesel Performance Injectors.