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6.7 Powerstroke Performance Parts 2011-2016

The 6.7 Powerstroke is the first medium duty diesel designed and built by Ford. It was designed in conjunction with AVL in Austria. During design, Ford engineers code named this engine "Scorpion" due to the turbo being mounted right on top of the block. It includes a Compacted graphite iron (CGI) block for greater strength while reducing weight, reverse flow aluminum cylinder heads (the exhaust ports are located in the lifter valley) with dual water jackets, six head bolts per cylinder, and 29,000 psi (1,999 bar) a high-pressure common rail Bosch fuel system.  Adding power and performance can be achieved by maintaining your vehicle and keeping OEM parts working properly to original manufacturer specifications.  Adding performance parts that are designed specifically to replace the OEM or stock parts can result in moderate to substantial improvement overall in performance and fuel mileage.  The main performance modifications to get the most drastic performance increases include product that add fuel and air to the engine.  There are many parts that can be used to increase or restore performance to your 2011-2017 Ford Powerstroke Diesel.