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6.4 Powerstroke Performance Parts 2008-2010

Performance parts and upgrades can give you more power, better fuel economy or you can choose any of our high quality OE replacement parts just to get back on the road. The 6.4 engine was used in 2008 model year Ford Super Duty trucks, it is a V8 turbo diesel engine. The engine has a sequential twin-turbo intercooled forced induction system. This engine also uses a high pressure common rail fuel injection system that produces 350 hp at 3000 rpm and 650 ft·lb of torque at 2000 rpm. Adding power and performance to the 6.4 Powerstroke can be achieved by maintaining your vehicle and keeping OEM parts working properly to original manufacturer specifications. Adding performance parts that are designed specifically to replace the OEM or stock parts can result in moderate to substantial improvement overall in performance and fuel mileage. The main performance modifications to get the most drastic performance increases include product that add fuel and air to the engine.